With TerraSip: VoIP in every Internet Café

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

Estepona, 13 July 2006

Users do not need to bother with downloads, software installation, complicated VoIP gateways or conventional telephone systems. All they require are an ADSL connection and a VoIP compliant terminal device or a so-called softphone.

For instance, an internet café needs one softphone per terminal. Softphones can be obtained free and USB phones can be bought for as little as 15 Euros each. A rather more comfortable variant involves a VoIP compliant desktop telephone for each internet terminal, e.g. the Starphone from TerraSip which can be ordered online in the TerraSip Shop for just 59 Euros. In that case it is not even necessary to buy extra cables, because the Starphone is equipped with two RJ45 ports and can be connected between the router and hub using the cable supplied.

Following this, the internet café should be registered as a Call Café on the TerraSip website (Anmerkung: Tippfehler im Original: Seite (statt Site)), whereupon it is allotted a protected area which can be configured as a completely new business area in 3 steps. The application is surprisingly easy to use, so a reasonably experienced administrator can add the whole functionality of Call Café to a normal internet café in less than one hour. TerraSip requires a call credit of 100 € to be paid, representing a minimum turnover at especially reasonable bulk rates. However, the configuration and operation of this intelligent and user-friendly software is free of charge.

A demonstration can be viewed on the TerraSip website using this link: http://terrasip.com/index.php?seite=internetcafe. Interested customers can avail themselves of TerraSip’s brand new Free Call Button to speak to a TerraSip expert free of charge and open a new business area online with his or her help.

To sum up: An internet café with 10 terminals can open up a completely new line of business for an investment between 150 and 700 euros. Without the need to employ any more staff, an increase in turnover of several thousand euros is quite possible. Café operators can also expect to welcome many new customers. However, the software also represents a very attractive option for hotels, pensions, or even clinics, small and medium businesses as well as call shops and call centres.

Information about the provider TerraSip
TerraSip is a young, internationally oriented company operating throughout the globe. It offers free internet telephony for TerraSip community members using international SIP standards. Calls into other networks are charged at especially reasonable rates, whereby users can take advantage of 56 country-specific special prices, so that the majority can further optimise their telephone costs. Membership of the TerraSip community is free.
TerraSip’s main orientation at present is in the direction of mobile internet telephony: Voice over WLAN or VoWLAN for short. TerraSip recently launched a pilot project in Germany and Austria together with two WiFi network providers with the aim of testing mobile internet telephony in the German speaking region.

TerraSip S.A.,
Avenida Espana 70,
29680 Estepona,
Tel: +34 636982416
E-Mail: pr@terrasip.com
Web: www.terrasip.com

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