New resource enhances Web marketing efforts and search ranking

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
For those businesses and individuals that work on Web marketing campaign strategies, a new resource became available this month to enhance efforts significantly.

From continuing discussions among experienced internet marketing specialists as well as software companies focusing in search engine optimization and ranking, the single most important factor for scoring high in search results is through an increase in link popularity.

A key issue that prevented webmasters and other specialists from acquiring a significant number of back-links for client web sites was the very limited number of directory and Web site resources available. Lack of extensive research lead to the overuse of the same sources; the result is a continuous decline in the overall success rate overtime.

The problem has been solved with the release of a new list of directories and web sites that can be used for submitting new listings with the aim to increase link popularity. The new list is populated with 2,117 directories and web sites accepting new submissions, with the vast majority of them doing so free of charge. A read-only version of the list is available for downloading at (in Adobe Reader format)

This new resource comes as a necessary supplement to the efforts of any web master or internet marketer, by providing additional information for each site such as the Google page ranking value, topic focus, as well as whether new submissions are free of charge, paid or require reciprocal linking.

Some of the benefits that can be obtained by using the new list are:

-Increase link popularity by obtaining at least 1,200 back-links with a significant Google page ranking value with no submission cost (subject to submission information quality)

-Irrespectively of the benefits on search engine rankings, an additional increase in visits is achieved by visitors who find the listing information through all listed sites and directories

-A further traffic increase is observed by third party resources that use the listing information available

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