Strategic Planning Training: New Program Teaches Corporate Planners to Create More Effective Business Plans

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A leading-edge, niche consulting firm that specializes in strategic and operational business planning has launched a new web-site that helps companies go beyond the standard “vision, mission and values” to achieve real results through the practical application of strategic and operational planning. The new website is

“Creating a compelling, executable business plan is the single most important thing that any organization can do. The problem is that most organizations plan in an ad hoc manner, so they get poor results. 90% of employees don’t understand their company’s strategy, and 95% of companies don’t execute their strategy successfully. To overcome the gap between strategy and execution, companies need a deliberate planning process, and the discipline to follow through. Most companies can do all this with less effort than their current planning process,” according to Peter Wright, president of The Planning Group.

Wright describes 6 clear deliverables that an effective business planning process should deliver:

1. A plan that will actually be used as a blueprint to help leaders run the company.
2. A plan to externally articulate a company’s value proposition, vision, strategy, and prospects to secure financing, or other considerations.
3. Credibility among owners, shareholders, and boards that the firm has a cohesive and compelling strategy, with a clear vision for the future and an executable plan in place.
4. A clear sense of priorities, focus and energy among the management team.
5. A line of sight that all employees can relate to as they attempt to reconcile their duties, and actions with the vision and strategy of the firm.
6. Understanding, and agreement among the management team about where the company is going and how it will get there.

Of course, even the most elegant vision and strategy is pointless without operational execution. The Planning Boot Camp will train corporate planners to ensure that their organization’s plans will be executed successfully.

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