Chat Logger Software Helps To Catch A Predator

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
With recent headlines and news shows featuring stories about catching online predators in chat rooms, software resource Chat Logger Software urges parents to consider looking into chat logger software ( as a means to keep tabs on their child's activity online.

"These online predators are out there, as we've all seen on these news shows," said a spokesperson for the website. "Kids are online talking to them, and in some cases, arranging to meet with them. For a parent who has no clue what's going on, it's a terrifying scenario."

One of the best ways for parents to make sure a child is not in danger is to keep tabs on them by installing chat logger software on all the computers used. Chat logger software is a hidden program that runs completely undetected by the user, yet records every single keystroke typed into the computer and every incoming message received as a chat log file. The chat logs can then be retrieved by the parent for review to find out if they suspect their child is communicating with one of these online predators.

"These types of programs are the same ones used on the news shows you've been seeing," the spokesperson continued. "They can be used to record instant messages, emails, chat room, and MySpace activity - everything. The chat logs are password protected, so only the parent can retrieve them, and the programs run virtually undetectable so even the most computer savvy of teenagers won't know it's running on their computer."

Also known as keylogger or key logging software, good chat logger software programs range in price from as low as $20, which makes them and affordable online security option for most every parent.

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About Chat Logger
Chat Logger Software is an online resource which offers software programs that enable the user to record and monitor all computer activity via keylogger, key logging, and chat logging functionality. Launched in 2005, Chat Logger strives to present affordable solutions for both parents who would like to keep a closer eye on their children's online relationships, as well as business owners who wish to more closely monitor their employees' online activities in the workplace.