A Biologist's Perspective on the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The all-new Drug Detoxification Protocol section on the www.narconon.ca website has recently been launched. An array of expert opinions will be published as a response to the mounting interest in human health and the factors influencing drug addictions. Starting this month, health professionals such as experienced biologist Andre Ahern, thoroughly analyze the effects that toxins found in our daily environment and the substances consumed in a typical day affect peoples. With its extensive content, this website proves to be a rising educational and informational research database for professional viewpoints on drug detoxification.

The Canadian biologist Andre Ahern has already responded to the factual references presented by Narconon. The rising issue of drug addiction may only be properly addressed when an effective drug detoxification treatment is widely used. The Narconon drug detoxification program offers a proven solution to remove the noxious toxins found in our bodies. It tackles the true causes of a drug addiction. To permanently give the drug addict a real chance to beat his addiction.

Ahern, having completed his studies in biology at the Laval University, reports his observations on the Narconon program: "I had anticipated that the human body could contain many poisonous substances, simply by leading an ordinary life. It is a simple biochemical fact! After careful study of the Detoxification protocol laid down in the Hubbard's Book Clear Body Clear Mind and numerous observations of drug addict cases over the years at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, I can now conclude that drugs do in fact stay in the fatty tissues until they are efficiently removed. In addition, the joyful expressions on the faces of former addicts were, to some extent, more compelling than any other laboratory test I could ever carry out."

Covering a wide range of topics, this new factual and researched website is becoming a powerful tool in the continuous attempts made to overcome the drug addiction issue present in our society. Detailed diagrams and simple explanations accurately illustrate the effects toxins have on the human body and how they are a major factor in drug addiction relapse.

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