The Digital Age Makes Baby Photo Contests a Snap

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
When a child is born, so is a photographer. Parents and grandparents take endless pictures that have created whole new industries including scrapbooking, digital photo publishing, and make your own photo greeting card booths in malls and drug stores. With the coming of the digital age, now baby photo contests are a snap, too.

Toni Saussele publishes the internet baby photo contest, Photo Bug Baby ( and encourages parents and grandparents to share their cutest kid pictures with the world. Photo Bug Baby organizes monthly photo contests in eight categories for girls and boys ages 0 to 16 years divided up by age groups and themed categories. Photos may be submitted over and over again until the picture is voted a winner in an individual category.

Ms. Saussele’s photo contests aren’t just for the bragging rights of parents, but for great prizes, too. Every month prizes will include an assortment of cash, bibs, personalized books, build a friend stuffable animals, tooth fairy pillows, ornaments, hairbows, and much more. All photos must be taken by amateurs, and must be submitted in a digital .jpg format. When asked how anyone could judge from such cute kids, Ms. Saussele says, “In that respect I am lucky. I use Judges from outside the photo contest world that are rotated each month. The child is judged on Photogenic Appeal/Cuteness, Photo Quality and Creativity/Personality.”

While a photographer may have an unlimited number of entries per month, each child captured in a photo may only be submitted to the contest once per month. Photo contest entry fees are minimal and free entry contests are also offered.

New photo contests begin at The Photo Bug Baby site on the first of each month and judging takes place the final three to four days of the month. Additionally, The Photo Bug Baby site offers special deals on submission of siblings in photos and will have a drawing each month for one picture to be added to a contest free of a child having a birthday that month.

Toni Saussele sets aside a portion of the proceeds each month to give to charity and once per quarter a contest winner from that month will get to pick the charity where all the saved proceeds will be donated to.

So the next time that cute kid of yours breaks out into a toothy grin or does something so cute it ought to be in pictures, grab your digital camera and send a shot to The Photo Bug Baby. You could be snapping the beginning of a successful career in front of a camera for your child! With digital cameras coming down in price you can easily jump into photo contests at The Photo Bug Baby!