Is it Finally Time for Cosmetic Dentistry?

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News

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(July, 2006 Evanston, IL)
While many of us may have appreciated the perfect, white smiles of Hollywood, getting one of our own may have seemed a little vain or financially impossible. Well, there is good news. Dental technologies have definitely changed in the last few years, and the emphasis on aesthetic improvement has brought the art of cosmetic dentistry to the masses. Fortunately for consumers, advanced dental technologies have also brought along better prices.

With the expanded market for cosmetic dentistry, the question of whether to pursue a procedure has, for many people, evolved from “if” to “when.” That’s precisely why web-based marketing company SignatureSpecialists, Inc. created – a website designed to provide consumers with every cosmetic dentistry resource they’ll need to make an informed decision. Users are directed through the entire process step by step. They begin by targeting their dental problem, researching possible dental options and finally, locating a cosmetic dentist in their area. also offers users a few handy resources that include price ranges for cosmetic dentistry procedures, insurance and dental financing information, a cosmetic dentistry glossary and a list of questions to ask at a consultation. Above all, Signature’s newest website stresses the importance of a consultation with a certified dental specialist. Only then can a person interested in cosmetic dentistry undergo a proper assessment of their dental needs and work with a dental specialist in developing the perfect treatment plan.

Brought To Market by SignatureSpecialists, Inc.

The service and website is a creation of SignatureSpecialists, Inc. SignatureSpecialists is an Evanston, IL, based company that is devoted to consumer advocacy and quality in the luxury markets. SignatureSpecialists has created a large network of certified service providers in the U.S. Network locations can also be found in Australia, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

To learn and gather information about services and service providers, consumers can visit There they will find information about luxury services, a “locate a specialist” section that helps them in choosing a network service provider, quality/satisfaction scores for all network providers, and forums that promote community dialogue. SignatureSpecialists also provides consumers the opportunity to participate in service provider advocacy, which gives them the chance to tell others about their experience with a specific provider.