1045 Mission ART ENGINE presents PACKAGE: Assemblages, sculpture and photographs by California-based artist Robert Larson

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
San Francisco, CA – 1045 Mission ART ENGINE, 100 feet of floor-to-ceiling windows along Mission Street, is launching its program of quality one-person and group shows with a selection of large works for San Franciscans and visitors to enjoy.

Artist-Curator Yuri Psinakis, acting director of ART ENGINE, says, “I love that I can use the 1045 Mission Street space to provide visitors, pedestrians, and drivers with a 24-7 art experience.” Then he adds, “It shines like a jewel-box at night.”

Viewers will be able to give packaging a second look through the lens, hands, and purposeful shuffles of Robert Larson. In Robert Larson's work, the cycle of consumption does not end at discard. Robert typically collects and assembles thousands of discarded wrappers upon canvas and in the round. By limiting each work to a singular type of wrapper, like cigarette or gum, Larson emphasizes the organic play of weathering marks upon relentless repetition. Robert reworks refuse into assemblages, sculptures, and photographs that speak of the ubiquitous assault of consumption upon the California landscape, most recently Western Ave and Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, in particular. Robert Larson website: www.urbanexposure.com

Full-color 72-page catalogs will be available for purchase.

Plenty of parking.

About Yuri Psinakis
Artist-Curator Yuri Psinakis was born in Manila in 1967. He spent his early years in Athens before moving with his family to the Bay Area in the late seventies. San Francisco’s rich cultural texture provided him with a workable model for cultural cross-pollination. He soon decided to make and use art to bridge disparate communities and has shown his work internationally. Last year he guest-curated the United Nations World Environment Day exhibition for the Natural World Museum, and this last June with NeoPlural: Contemporary Bay Area Art, he brought 14 artists representative of a wide range of genres and sensibilities to Los Angeles. Website: www.yuripsinakis.com

About 1045 Mission ART ENGINE
ART ENGINE is committed to make quality art more accessible to the community. At 1045 Mission Street, ART ENGINE has converted a vacant storefront commercial space between 6th and 7th streets into a cultural showcase. As a result, 1045 Mission ART ENGINE makes for engaging drive-by or walk-along experiences.

Press Info
Artist, Robert Larson, and Artist-Curator, Yuri Psinakis, are available for interview upon request.
Also available is a selection of images of Robert Larson’s original artwork and of the space.

For more information contact Yuri Psinakis at 415-863-5556 or ypsinakis@gmail.com. Press is also encouraged to attend the preview party.

1045 Mission ART ENGINE is sponsored, in part, by CAMPARI, PKirkeby Inc Fine Art and Framing, and Jesse Goff Photography and Fine Art Services.

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