Tracey Anne Announces - New Quick CallBack Page Intro-Movie for MegaWealthy/PAS Now Live!

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
As we all know, hard-sell sales people and their tactics are the bain of most inquiring business seekers. No one likes to be sold or coerced into making a decision.

What we have discovered about Prosperity Automated System [PAS] is that hard sell is never employed. Prosperity Automated System [PAS] literally sells itself, and the purpose of the new Callback intro movie simply reinforces that, right on the Callback page itself.

Therefore, the addition of the new intro movie *could* seriously increase the number of Callback requests generated from the website. It certainly won't reduce them, and that's a fact.

To check the new 30 second intro movie out for yourself, visit the Quick Callback page right now:

If you are not familiar with The Prosperity Automated System, [PAS], it is a very powerful Self-Promoting Multi-Income Marketing Tool that attaches itself to the search engines, and attracts people serious about building an online income. It then electronically sorts through and weeds out tire kickers, so the business owner does not have to ultimately delivering prime, quality ready-to-buy prospects.

With PAS, the real aspect of passive income comes into effect because once the marketing has produced prospects, the PAS Team Leaders follow up with ALL of them; helping them to gathering knowledge about PAS and assisting them in the process of signing up when they're ready - thus earning the PAS business owner up to $3,000 (£1,725)
on every System sale.