Video surveillance on your mobile phone – 3rdeye has just been launched!

July 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
BUCHAREST, (July 12, 2006). The newest Cratima product is launched today: 3rdeye - a video surveillance on the mobile phone system. 3rdeye can be bought by visiting With the help of a mobile phone and of 3rdeye system, you can view live images with any location watched by a video camera. This location can be your own home, office, vacation home, store or, why not?, a parking space. The quality of the images is high, thanks to the GPRS transmission mode. We invite you to be the first to access the new web site We wait your emails with opinions on the new product at

3rdeye consists in two applications: the video server (to which the monitoring video cameras are connected) and the client application, which runs on the user's mobile phone.

The server application is also divided by two components: the Video Grabbing Server that receives the images straight from the video cameras and that sends these images to the Video Streaming Server. This last component is responsible with properly sending the received images onto the client application on the mobile phone. Between the two basic software modules of the Video Surveillance Server takes place a two-way exchange of information. The Video Grabbing Server grabs video images from the video cameras and sends them, in digital format, to the Video Streaming Server (in order to prepare the video streams for the clients), while the Video Streaming Server sends back to the Video Grabbing Server the commands and control info, received from the client application.

The client application can be configured to connect both to Video Surveillance Servers that have fixed IP address, or dynamically allocated (e.g. Dial-up). When the server has a fixed IP address, the client application will connect straight to the Video Surveillance Server. When the server's IP address is dynamically allocated (different IP address from one connexion to another), the client application will first interrogate the Fixed IP Address Server, permanently connected to the Internet, in order to obtain the IP address of the Video Surveillance Server to which it is about to connect.

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