A staggering 10 hours per employee, per month is lost due to employees taking multiple cigarette breaks

July 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A survey, conducted by TipTopJob.com, found that 74% of non-smokers do NOT take the same amount of breaks that smokers do in a day.

Non-smokers feel it’s unfair that their smoking counterparts work over a day a month less, and they are left to man the phones whilst smokers leave the office in twos or groups to enjoy their cigarettes. Some colleagues believe it actually causes disruption and distraction to people’s daily work plan.

TipTopJob.com is urging companies to treat all their staff the same, and suggest introducing shorter lunch breaks for smokers, to take into account their other breaks.

Corinne Dauncey of TipTopJob.com says: “It’s unfair that non-smokers are working longer hours than their smoking colleagues. Employers should take action to ensure that all employees work their allotted daily hours – Nottingham City Council has taken drastic action by enforcing that their smoking staff are to work longer hours…if that’s not an incentive to give-up cigarettes, I don’t know what is!”

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