Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping Offers Organic Nematode Solution to Grub Control

July 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping Offers
Organic Nematode Solution to Grub Control

TORONTO,MISSISSAUGA, ON, - Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping –Canada today announced that it will be extending its price offering on its Applewood Nematode Grub Control Program into the summer months and fall season.

Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping offers clients an effective, pesticide free and organic, method of fighting and controlling grub problems by using mircoscopic earth friendly nematodes (worms that occur naturally in soil throughout the world, which seek out and feed on such insects as grubs, cinch bugs).

Applewoods Grub Control Service is not harmful to children and adults, pets, wildlife, birds, soil, earthworms, water sources or the atmosphere. Unlike, other chemical companies such as WeedMan, Dr.Green and Chemlawn who use risky and toxic chemicals in their applications, Applewood uses a 100% natural, safe and effective grub treatment product.
Richard Brzakala, owner of Applewood explains how the natural process works. “Once nematodes are sprayed into the lawn they migrate through the soil finding insect larvae. The nematodes enter the larvae and release a symbiotic bacteria that within days, kills the grub host. The nematodes feed on the bacteria and the decomposed grub host tissue where they reproduce until numbers drive them out to find a new host. Our nematodes are effective against over 200 species of pest insects”, says Brzakala. For turf and lawns, nematodes are particularly effective against cranefly larva, June bug larva and other turf damaging grubs.
Applewood provides its service, booked in advance, mostly in the spring and late summer/early fall periods. The cost of most service programs starts at $180 and consists of a preliminary assessment and consultation visit followed by at least two seasonal applications and sprayings. To achieve maximum success and control Applewood recommends clients repeat the nematode service for a second series of applications in the following year.
Clients interested in obtaining a quote or arranging for an onsite consultation are asked to contact Richard Brzakala at Applewood’s main phone line ,905-281-3111, or email them at

Applewoods web address is

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