Vintage Necklaces Are New Again

July 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Necklaces are back. They are being worn with jeans, with cool flirty floaty skirts and tops, with business suits, with shorts and cotton tees. In short, necklaces are ďInĒ once again. Luckily, vintage jewelry has the answer for you. With decades of fashion jewelry to choose from, you are sure to find the right look.

With gauzy, long skirts and soft summery blouses, try multitudes of long chains and necklaces. This is one time that wearing three or four necklaces at once is not too much. Or do you like a chunkier style? Wood, plastic, metal and glass beads can be combined in endless patterns and colors. For summer, look for shells, wood, and plastic materials that will be light and cool to wear. Save your beautiful metal and glass necklaces for evening wear or cool weather.

Look for multiple strands of beads to fill in the neckline of a business suit. Try a chain of charms for a fun look with tees and jeans. Wear a wonderful wide collar or a drippy rhinestone necklace with a plain black dress for real impact at night. Or, make up your own style. How about a rhinestone necklace with your jeans? Or seashells worn with a power suit? Try a Victorian locket with your black cocktail dress. Mix it up.

There is an amazing variety of vintage jewelry available on the web. Costume jewelry in particular can offer you a wide variety of different looks at a reasonable price. Since you canít touch the merchandise, donít be afraid to ask about condition, or for more detailed pictures or descriptions. The signature of a well-known design house may add to the collectability of the jewelry, but may also add to the cost. Make sure the web merchant has a clear return policy, and that you understand and are willing to comply with their terms.