Myeloperoxidase Website Provides Researchers with New Tool for Communication and Information

July 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
July 14, 2006; St. Louis, MO – Lee Biosolutions has announced the launch of (, a new website that connects researchers worldwide with information and conversation about the enzyme myeloperoxidase (MPO). MPO has become a popular topic of conversation among researchers for its role in early detection and prediction of major adverse cardiac events, such as heart attacks.

In 2003, Cleveland Clinic researchers discovered that by measuring MPO levels in the bloodstream, they could accurately predict a patient’s risk of heart attack. Lee Biosolutions was the provider of the MPO the Cleveland Clinic used in that study.

“The Cleveland Clinic study was really the catalyst for all of the discussion that is happening about MPO,” Lee Biosolutions President Burton Lee said. “Their research improved the success rate of heart attack prediction from about 50% to roughly 95%. That’s big news.”

The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in October of 2003, and a buzz began to circulate. In June of last year, PrognostiX, Inc. announced it had received FDA approval for a test called CardioMPO. The CardioMPO test is used to evaluate patients with chest pain and determine their risk for major adverse cardiac events, including heart attack or death.

“With the amount of research that has been and continues to be conducted using MPO, this site will serve as a link pin between labs worldwide,” Lee said. “Our primary goal is to give researchers a community where they can discuss the latest MPO-related news and research with others who share their interest.”

The site features a research library, an interactive discussion forum, an “Ask the Expert” tool, a links section, and a newsroom to keep visitors up to date on the latest in cardiac research news.

For over 30 years, Lee Biosolutions has been providing proteins, enzymes and other materials to research facilities around the country that work to advance the healthcare industry. By providing Solutions on Demand, Lee Biosolutions has become the preferred source for materials such as renin and MPO. For more information please contact Burton Lee at 314-968-1091, or visit the MPO Facts website at