If you could stop a hurricane, would you? Or just mitigate the risks? - Strike Corps offers top security audits, guaranteed for international companies

July 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
North Carolina, USA – Strike Corps announces new guaranteed, top security audits for international corporations at risk for acts of terrorism. Hurricanes are acts of nature. Terrorism is an act of war. Both are catastrophic. You can not stop a hurricane, but you can stop an act of terrorism, guaranteed.
Unlike natural disasters, terrorism is a unique catastrophic risk characterized by an ever changing choice of man-made attack modes and targets. Acts of terrorism, or their scale, are not predictable, therefore not insurable for reasonable premiums to adequately protect both the insurer and the insured.
Post 9/11, there is little evidence to suggest that reinsurers are any closer to returning to the market they fled after the attack, in spite of a big government subsidy. In lieu of terrorism insurance coverage, Strike Corps effectively employs the risk mitigation effects of rigorous, guaranteed security audits to properly manage terrorism risks. From Strike Corps' viewpoint, the fundamental risks from terrorism are more of a function of prevention as opposed to prediction.
To guaranteed these qualified risks Strike Corps plans to conduct an offering of asset based, risked linked catastrophic (CAT) bonds for acts of terrorism, to be marketed and sold as “STRIKE Bonds.” Strike Corps offers audited portfolio clients true terrorism risk mitigation along with the liquidity necessary to respond and to recover from any terrorist acts should they occur. STRIKE Bonds employ the capital markets as a capacity provider for terrorism risks. At the same time, STRIKE Bonds enable institutional investors to tap into a broader spectrum of risks. So if an audited facility with a guarantee in force, is attacked and suffers damages, their STRIKE Bond will pay for losses per agreement. The results of the Top Security Audit will help determine the inherent risks to the company from terrorist attacks and the potential fees for Strike Corps’ STRIKE Bond.
Traditional security has been more focused on criminal acts, not acts of war. Physical security is the concerted effort to ascertain vulnerabilities to attacks, to avoid or prevent such attacks, to react appropriately and to recover expeditiously to minimize damages, loss of life and business. Most professional security managers appreciate the independent, expert validation of their security programs. Currently comprised of Special Forces cadre, Strike Corps' certified auditors wrote the manual on government and commercial security.
Top Security Audits review security program elements, each checked for effectiveness and then graded to determine an overall score for the program. This professional, comprehensive, systematic approach to evaluating security programs provides the ultimate road map for hardened security in order to truly mitigate risks.
The purpose of any audit is to assure compliance with proper policies and procedures. Strike Corps' Top Security Audit assures the adequacy of the security system controls in place, so to ascertain whether the program established and maintained provides reasonable assurance that vulnerabilities are effectively mitigated to acceptable levels.

—Notes for Editors—
Strike Corps provides professional, guaranteed security audits, crisis related personnel, project management, training and development. The company specializes in professional security auditing and warranty. The goal is to provide audited international clients with the very best in terrorism avoidance, deterrence, response and recovery management stopping acts of terror before they occur. Guaranteed.