GoQuo shouts: Africa, here we come!

July 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
After extensive negotiations, GoQuo finally gained its first African client. Awesome Travel (www.travel247.co.za), a flight consolidator based in Johannesburg, SA became the first African client to avail of GoQuo’s flight booking solutions.

After assessing the strengths of other online booking engine providers, Kevin Banks, the Managing Director of Awesome Travel decided to go with GoQuo because GoQuo not only provided the most flexible solution but also because GoQuo’s products are very cost effective in the long run. Cautious with companies that offer cheap but rigid solutions and companies which offer too-good-to-be-true solutions but are accompanied with crippling hidden charges, Kevin saw GoQuo’s pricing model as clear, transparent and realistic.

“In this industry,” Kevin argues “there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want a good and stable solution, you have to invest in it and demand what you paid for. Unfortunately, some technology companies market their products as free or nearly free but they often provide rigid solutions that are inappropriate to the requirements of our company. What is worse is that some of their fees are crippling especially when you require something specific that need to be done to your booking engine. In this regard, GoQuo not only trumps the competition with their products and functionality but also GoQuo’s ‘no hidden surprises’ pricing policy proved very reassuring. After all, we want a solution that will work for the interest of our company in the long term and not only for the short term. Some products may be free and cheap now; but in our experience, such products come at a specific cost in terms of functionality and performance. Considering that GoQuo is working with major travel consolidators in the UK, we know that we are in good company.”

Anderson Dy, GoQuo’s Head of Sales and Marketing, adds: “Clinching this deal is an important step for GoQuo’s branding and expansion strategy. This is the perfect opportunity for us to enter into a new market and establish our brand. Although gaining market share is important, our main goal in entering Africa is to show that robust, reliable and world standard solutions are within reach of small to medium sized travel companies. We shall obviously use our exposure to the South African market as our bench mark to develop newer solutions which are tailor-made to the specific regional requirement of South Africa. Because of Awesome Travel and our realistic and transparent pricing, we anticipate more inquiries coming from this region. Needless to say, we expect that penetrating Africa would be an exciting opportunity for us in our attempt to be recognised as the world leader in cost-effective, reliable and flexible travel technology solutions.”

About GoQuo:
At the forefront of travel technology, GoQuo is one of the most dynamic and established software solution providers in the UK. Headquartered in London, GoQuo products are used by UK, US and Australian clients in having a more dynamic presence on the online market place, assisting companies in their market expansion and optimising their efficiency through robust and cost-effective technology solutions. For more info please visit www.goquo.com.