Scandal of the Week: WestEast Travel Refuses to Recommend GoQuo!

July 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
WestEast Travel, one of the UK’s biggest consolidators for the Thai and Vietnamese markets, officially launches its booking engine.

Four months ago, GoQuo approached Kevin Huynh, Managing Director of WestEast Travel, to inquire whether GoQuo could provide WestEast Travel the solution that it required. After looking at the flexibility of the software solutions that GoQuo had developed, Kevin Huynh decided to make the big jump into the world of online booking engine technology with GoQuo.

The success of WestEast Travel’s site launch made Kevin reflect on the dangers of recommending GoQuo’s information to his competitors. In an interview conducted yesterday, Kevin Huynh has this to say about GoQuo:

Why GoQuo?
GoQuo’s dynamic and innovative approach provides a solution that is tailor made, functional, flexible and easy to use - exactly what we were looking for.

What sets GoQuo apart from other providers in the market place?
Where other providers may offer an ‘off the shelf’ product, GoQuo’s solution is flexible and versatile enough to empower the agent to configure the system to their requirements. Additionally, with the ease of GoQuo’s fare loading module, complex contracts have been loaded with minimal difficulty. Service and support is also first class.

Can you comment on the service that GQ provided you?
From the offset, GoQuo has consistently provided a high level of support. All problems were dealt with immediately with a response in a matter of hours, with more complex problems being resolved within a day. Additionally, GoQuo provided regular contact throughout the entire project, from start to finish, with progress updates, advice, suggestions and valued input that led to the final solution being more functional – clearly a result of their experience.

Are you willing to recommend GQ to your competitors?
Hmmm…There is no doubt that GoQuo has provided a perfect solution with first class service and support and I would not hesitate to recommend GoQuo to anyone who is looking for a company that does not just talk the talk but also has the experience and the professionalism to deliver what is required and promised. But on the other hand, recommending GoQuo is such a risky task. (Grinning sheepishly) The bottom line is – would I want our competitors to have the advantage we have?

About GoQuo:
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