TaskCue Ushers in Desktop 2.0: Intent-Based Computing, Looking for Beta Testers

July 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Philadelphia, PA— TaskCue Technologies LLC today announced that it is seeking beta testers for the limited beta of TaskCue Professional, a new software program that dramatically simplifies information organization and recovery for multitasking computer users. TaskCue’s patent-pending learning engines analyze user behavior to learn the relationships among the various types of information on users’ desktops. As users work, TaskCue’s sidebar interface automatically retrieves and instantaneously displays documents, e-mails, and web sites related to the current user activity. Users interested in beta testing should visit www.taskcue.com.

"Today’s multitasking knowledge professionals are overwhelmed. Search tools have done a great job amassing all possible relevant information, but more focus has to be put upon the intelligent pre-processing, organization and on-demand recovery of this information,” said Toufique Harun, co-founder and CEO of TaskCue Technologies LLC. “These developing problem areas have been almost entirely overlooked.”

TaskCue emerged from the shared vision of its two founders. “So far, computers have been passive tools, but they should be much more. They should be like intelligent personal assistants that actively anticipate users’ needs and act upon them,” said Dan Kaplan, co-founder of TaskCue Tech. “We call this paradigm intent-based computing or ‘Desktop 2.0.’ Desktop 2.0 adapts to you. It determines your intent and automatically handles banal tasks for you. TaskCue Professional represents our first foray into this realm of computing.”

In his productivity blog, Thinking Faster, Jeffrey Phillips wrote, “What we need are software applications attuned to the way we want our processes and jobs to work… I want my computer to organize my data effectively and find it for me. I don't want to frantically search for data across my hard drive and shared folders, but have the data I need served up to me as I need it.”

TaskCue Professional is the first software application to address Mr. Philips’ concerns. In its current iteration, it works with existing Microsoft Office applications. Users simply operate as they normally would, and TaskCue unobtrusively learns relationships between their documents and e-mails. As it learns, TaskCue eliminates the need to search for previously seen or created information. When a user starts working on a budget spreadsheet, for example, documents and e-mails related to the budget are instantaneously displayed in TaskCue’s sidebar and are available one click away.

TaskCue currently supports Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer. Support for Firefox is in development.