July 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The World Wide Web was designed to bolster the sharing and availability of information. Since 1994, it has been riding an exponential growth curve. Today, if you conduct a search for message boards you can literally find hundreds of thousands of online communities. The Blaque Experience strives to be a step above the others. The Blaque Experience is a free online community that was created to bring African Americans together and is devoted to warm interaction, stimulating intellectual exchange and enrichment topped with a lot of fun.

At The Blaque Experience, members are encouraged to share their life experiences. Self-expression and communication are the strongest and most natural desires we all possess.
The best ways to find peace of mind include the innate desire for self-expression as well as our zeal to share life with others. Registered members at The Blaque Experience are able to discuss a wide range of lifestyle topics including relationships, love, religion, community issues, and current events. Members are expectant to network, mingle and explore various pursuits. It also offers a weekly commentary section called ‘Let’s Talk Honestly’ written by author George L Cook III.

“How do you expect to compete with the larger, well-known discussion forums like AOL Black Voices or Black America Web,” is the most asked question by members, as confirmed by website creator, Yolanda Reid.

"The Blaque Experience is like the little engine that could," enlightens Reid. “If I keep telling myself, ‘I think I can, I think I can’, then I can. I genuinely care about my members and what they have to say. I give the members of this community a platform to discuss their passions, a particular cause, promote their business…this website is truly a reflection of its members. You won’t find that kind of personal interest on the larger message boards.”

Reid contends, “I created The Blaque Experience with a vision of an online community where Blacks from all over the world could come together and discuss our particular social issues, politics, history, spirituality and any other pertinent topics. I try to provide something for everyone. I want us to have fun but ultimately, I want to affect changes for Blacks everywhere. Discussion forums such as The Blaque Experience allow members to communicate with each other in ongoing, in-depth discussions 24 hours a day. We have members from all over the country as well as the continent of Africa. They are able to log on and share their insight about a particular topic at any hour of the day or night.”

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