Tennessee couple who fell prey to adoption scam turn their focus toward helping others.

July 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Lori and Chris Coleman wanted to adopt a baby, but fell prey to a scam. Not only did they lose hundreds of dollars that was handed to who they thought was a truthful birthmother, but their hearts were broken in this heartless crime. Their story was aired on NBC's Dateline. The Colemans who were victims in this case have turned their focus toward helping others in order to prevent this type of crime with other adoptive couples.

When the Colemans learned that they were victims of a crime, they reported their situation to their local law enforcement officials. After speaking with a detective, the Colemans were notified that the local district attorney didn't know what to charge the scammer with. The detective referred the Colemans to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The Colemans left several messages with the TBI, yet never heard from the agency. Wanting this scammer to answer for her crimes, the Colemans contacted the FBI. After discussing the case with an agent from this agency, the Colemans were notified that unless this scammer "took" them for $100,000.00, the FBI couldn't get involved.

Being notified that the Dateline show was to air, Lori Coleman called and emailed multiple law enforcement officials as well as members of their legislative body asking for help in this case.

Lori Coleman was able to contact the chief investigator with the Nashville district attorneys office (Joe Jones) who told her that he would look into the case. After speaking with several people online who had gathered further information on the scammer, Lori posted the email address for the investigator asking that any relevant information be forwarded to him in order to assist in the investigation. Joe Jones emailed Lori Coleman. In a short but threatening email, Joe Jones suggested that He was being overwhelmed with emails and suggested that these emails cease.

The Colemans to date, have had no other response from law enforcement officials in reference to this case. Unlike many other couples that face the same scenario, the Colemans are not giving up. The Colemans are in the process of starting a business that will provide in-depth background searches utilizing databases that are used to track fugitives as well as detect past criminal behavior. Names provided for searches will also be matched against databases that include known scammers. Their business (AdoptionScam.com) Adoption Scam will be up and running in the upcoming weeks. The Colemans will market their services to adoption attorneys, facilitators, agencies, and couples that plan to adopt on their own.
In addition to this needed service, the Colemans are continuing to contact their legislative body in a persistent manner in order to push these lawmakers into adopting new legislation pertaining to adoption in order to prevent this terrible crime from occurring with future adoptive couples.

The Colemans are asking for your assistance. Chris and Lori Coleman encourage you to write, email, and/or call your government officials and demand that these scammers be prosecuted for their crimes and to change the current laws pertaining to adoption fraud.