Three-Step Detoxification Therapy Program Focuses on Well Being through the Feet

July 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Las Vegas, NV – Walking along a clean, quiet beach is said to have one of the best natural detoxification effects.

After a walk along the beach breathing becomes easier, anxiety disappears, and pain is lessened. It is not only the cool breezes that can be attributed to this, but there is also a scientific explanation.

As water molecules crash into earth, they release negative ions. The negative and positive ions mix and form energy when our positive-filled ion bodies absorb them. This gives our body the power to fight disease, improve organ function and eliminate waste regularly.

“The problem,” David Black, founder of Body Balance Systems (BBS), said, “is that this ionization process simply does not work as much as it should.” Pollution has taken its toll on our negative ion sources, and sometimes even a walk on the beach will not give our body its much-needed negative ions.”

Blacks’ three-step detoxification therapy program focuses on the feet to recharge the body and increase well being, overall health, and balance.

The first step in the three-step process is a 10- to 30-minute foot massage from the Miracle Electro-Wave Foot Massager. The second step is a 20- to 45-minute session with the BBS ionic-foot bath of warm mineral sea salt water. The third step is an additional 10 to 15 minutes with the massager.

The first step helps the bodies organs energize and release toxins into the blood and lymphatic system. The second step removes the toxins in the lymphatic system and energizes the blood. The third step helps heal and energize the body after the detoxification process.

The ionic therapeutic footbath flushes out the toxins through ionization. It has also been said, among many other things, to relieve arthritis, help cancer patients increase energy, alleviate neck and back pain, and generally return to the body to a more well-balanced state.

One happy supporter of BBS said: “The footbath was demonstrated for me one afternoon at a nutrition club that I belong to. I could not believe the difference the next day when I was jogging. My knees did not swell or throb and I did not have to ice them upon my return. As I use it again and again, I am finding it is not only helping with my arthritis, but with a stomach disorder that flares up as well.”

“After the foot bath and massage treatment,” Black said, “people should drink an herbal tea with mineral water to achieve the maximum benefit of the cleansing. The tea will replenish the body and enhance the detoxification process.”

Black recommends 14 treatment sessions, two to three times per week. A maintenance program of once a week thereafter will help keep control of toxins in your body. Results may vary. People with greater illness may take longer to detoxify and heal.

DB Research, LC (DBR), the company behind the product, has partnered with Body Balance System of Orlando to assist in restoring energy and facilitating detoxification through the skin, which is the second-largest detoxifying system in the body. The feet are a great place to detox from because the pores of the feet are proportionally larger than many other skin pores in the body.

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