Coastal Vacations Sales Center Rolls Out Revolutionary Lead Program

July 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Coastal Vacations Sales Center continues their upgrade and improvement program announced earlier this year with the introduction of a revolutionary lead program. Already the largest, fastest growing and most successful group in the 12 year old top rated Coastal Vacations program, the Sales Center continues to improve. Learn more about the system at .

So far this year the top group moved their call center to a more efficient facility, installed a new state-of-the-art phone system, upgraded their marketing and educational websites, introduced a 24 hour recorded information line and revamped live conference calls that explain the business.

The new Coastal Vacations Sales Center specific leads give members a fast track to earning a large income from home because the leads are generated, sent welcome emails, follow up emails and even receive telephone calls on behalf of members. Members can have as much or as little contact with prospects as they choose.

The Coastal vacations Sales Center has partnered with industry leader New England Marketing to create the new program. Other lead vendors often resort to offering people free gifts to fill out lead forms. Those leads tend to want something for nothing. They are much more interested in getting the gift than any information they may have inadvertently requested.

Coastal Vacations Sales Center specific leads are not incentivized. That delivers motivated prospects who are serious about starting a profitable business. That is the only motive they have for wanting to know more.

The new leads are of such a high quality that New England Marketing stands behind them 100%. Unlike many others in their industry, they will replace bad leads. If there is an incorrect phone number or the form was completed by a minor, members can return them for good leads.

Level 3 Director and Coastal Vacations Sales Center conference call host and training coordinator Dean Marino was ecstatic about the program; "New members always ask me the best way to market. Many methods may take a few days or weeks to start working. This new product is a no brainer for our new members. They can put our account executives to work and generate an income while they consider their marketing options.

Our innovative pay plan allows members to earn commissions of $1000 and $3000 before they complete a single training sale. With this innovative lead program, new members can potentially start collecting checks before they have a chance to start our education program."

Education is paramount to the continued success of the hybrid Coastal Vacations business with the Sales Center. Members can learn over 170 ways to market the business successfully. There are methods for all skill levels and personality types.

A key to the success of the fastest growing group in Coastal is that they have shortened the learning curve and thus, the income generation curve. In the traditional home based business, new members must wear all the hats of the business owner. They are the prospector, salesperson, follow-up coordinator , closer, accountant, product procurement director, and chief trainer.

Coastal Vacations Sales Center members don't have to learn everything to start earning profits because the professional staff handles many of the details for them. Account executives present the business, follow up, finalize sales, and collect funds. Other staff members mail out checks and ship travel products.

The new Coastal Vacations Sales Center specific lead and follow-up program shows the groupís commitment to simplifying an already simple system.

Marino explained; "Members can earn while they learn with this new program. They can use the time to learn and implement additional ways to expand their business and income.

"I encourage all new members to take full advantage of our robust training system. We have an information packed educational website featuring audio, video, and text training. Live, interactive training calls are provided and members are encouraged to attend live conferences."

Marino explained that many members start their home based business on a part time basis. That makes it very difficult to learn everything quickly in just 5 to 12 hours a week.

Marino knows support is everything in a home based business. Most people fail when they start a traditional business because they lack support.

Marino's hybrid Coastal Vacations business is all about support. From the cutting edge lead generation and follow up system to the full time staff of account executives. From the educational and marketing websites to the live training and informative prospect conference calls. Everything is first class.

Many feel the hybrid is so simple, very little assistance is required. However, unlike many traditional Coastal Vacations sponsors, who boast about 17 hour work weeks and 3 day weekends, Marino makes himself available to his group members for personal training and coaching 7 days a week.

Learn more about the ultra-successful Coastal Vacations Sales Center business model at .