The Nomadic Project Celebrates Its Halfway Point!

July 18, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
It has been seven months since painter, Kristin Abraham and musician, Alfonso Llamas set out on a quest to connect the United States through art! Working on their conceptual art project titled The Nomadic Project, the two artists have camped out of their Honda Element in order to create a body of work that will form The Nomadic Exhibit.

With the addition of Kirsten Gallery in Seattle, Washington, the Nomadic Project is proud to include twenty-four out of the fifty American states. Reaching the halfway point took over 30,000 miles of traveling and an estimated fifteen thousand dollars. The mid-size Honda has been through one car accident, a battery change, and one new tire. Although their handy refrigerator has recently quit, the determined artists continue strong. A trip to Alaska will take place in the middle of August where The Nomadic Project will be greeted with a reception at the Virtu Gallery in Anchorage, AK.

"We spent some extra time in Washington in order to gain our second wind, and now we are ready to tackle the second have of the country!" comments Abraham as she prepares to paint a piece inspired by Washington.

Abraham creates a new painting each week based on her impression of the state visited. The painting is then displayed at a gallery in the next state over. This carries inspiration from one state to the next, and act blurs the state borders, therefore uniting the country through art.

Llamas is composing the soundtrack for the exhibit as he communicates his experiences through poetic melodies. Armed with an acoustic guitar and raw passion, the composer records on a Apple Power Book.

Some of the galleries committed to The Nomadic Project are American Fine Art, Dallas, TX, Crossroads Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Art Encounter, Las Vegas, NV, Carla Schmidt Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Habitat Gallery, Denver, CO and the Portland Art Center, Portland, WA. A full list of participating galleries can be viewed at where all of the paintings, music and pictures are displayed.

Another important aspect of the journey is the involvement of the community. Individuals are encouraged to track the journey at and correspond via e-mail ( A new forum has been launched on the website to provoke conversation about travel, art, and music. Since the exhibit is a four dimensional experience for participants, this input from the community will be a vital part of the project.

Upon completion of the journey, the traveling show will spend about two weeks in each state, beginning in Florida and following the route of the trip. The Nomadic Project exhibit will feature all the aspects of the journey, including paintings, sketches, music, video and even their mode of transportation.

We are anxious to share more information about how your community can benefit from this once in a lifetime experience. For more information and interview opportunities, please contact Alfonso Llamas at 239-218-3470 or e-mail Donít miss this exciting project. Visit today!