Can an Ancient Nasal Cleansing Technique Help Reduce Sinus Problems?

February 08, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The Problem:
Allergies, sinus congestion, dust, pollution, all of these affect the nasal passages and make it difficult to breathe. We have seen an extraordinary rise in such problems with the increase in dust and pollution caused by our industrial society, including particulate matter caused by diesel exhaust and other pollution sources. Dry air also has its effects on the health of the nasal passages.

The Solution:
An ancient nasal cleansing technique, from the healing science of Ayurveda from India, which is over 5000 years old, has been adopted by a large number of doctors and individuals in the West as a solution to chronic and temporary nasal canal problems. The practice of neti, or nasal cleansing is performed using a ceramic pot and a saline solution. Performed regularly, it can help clear mucous from the nasal canal, restore moisture to dried out tissues, tone nasal tissues and help the nasal passages remain clear and healthy.

Dr. Andrew Weil among others is a strong proponent of nasal cleansing on a regular basis. Research and articles have appeared in a number of professional journals such as the Academy of Otolaryngology.

Research done by the Faculty of the Harvard Medical School shows that nasal cleansing can aid in various chronic and acute conditions including allergic rhinitis and acute sinusitis. There is some evidence to support other benefits as well.

People brush their teeth regularly but are not aware of the benefits of regular nasal cleansing. Performing this simple hygiene ritual is something that everyone can benefit from.

The Audience:
Just about anybody with a nose can benefit from knowing about this practice. Modern day life with its pollution, dust and inhaled chemical load is particularly stressful to the nasal passages. People with a history of chronic allergies or sinusitis are particularly interested in finding a non-drug approach to free breathing.

The Spokesperson:
Santosh Krinsky has been a leader in the natural products industry for more than 30 years. He has pioneered many natural alternatives to help people reduce the chemical load from their lives and live healthier and more naturally. He holds a design patent for an updated version of the ancient nasal cleansing pot sold under the brand name Ancient Secrets ®.

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