Brian Kessler twists and turns with his self-published sophomore volume of poetry, DEAD END PARADISE

July 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
A renaissance man to the bone, when he is not writing poetry, Brian Kessler is writing music, designing clothing, painting, playing with his band, or, his latest art form: meditation. "All of those things I have been frantically searching for all my life—I find them all in stillness. I began practicing meditation about midway through the writing of this book, which makes for an interesting contrast, going from shear heartbreak and confusion on one page, to bliss and clarity the next".

Brian's second book was spawned from his first release, The Shape of the Road (2005), which was inspired by prodding from fans of his poetry which he had been publishing online since 2000. "I have this writer's prompt site called '' that somehow got listed as Yahoo's site-of-the-day a few years back, and it started getting a fair amount of traffic. There was a link to my blog where I would primarily write poetry, and I kept getting emails from random people telling me to write a book—there you have it".

In Dead End Paradise, Brian breaks the poetry mold, teasing the reader, breaking in and out of form, transcending the textbook definitions of poetry, creating a space where the reader can sit, contemplate, and just be.

"Kessler's words on the page vary enormously—spun through the gravities of his centrifugal perspective, they sometimes seem like ants, other times like a cascade of chopsticks. They disorient, drag the eye around as if insects buzz near the readers ears. For the few seconds when Kessler sacrifices kinetic energy for stillness, we also feel his shortness of breath… the profundity of the image he sees in front of him." Simon Herbert, Art Monthly

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Brian Kessler dropped out of high school halfway through his senior year to pursue music. He has since composed music for commercials, worked as an Art Director, Record Producer, Video Editor, Creative Director, Print Designer, Web Designer, Motion Graphics Designer, Photographer and Copywriter. He is currently planning a tour with his band, Invisibleland.