Beat the Summer Heat with Portable Air Conditioners

July 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Austin, TX – With temperatures breaking all time record highs, Air Conditioners America,, offers ways to beat the heat this summer. Air Conditioners America is a top retailer in the niche market of home appliances; they sell numerous brands of portable air conditioners with excellent buying guides and shopping comparison charts. They have performed independent product testing on all air conditioner models and offer simple buying guides.

Air Conditioners America provides feedback on what to consider before purchasing a portable ac, such as the size of room you are going to be putting your portable ac in and the presence of a heat source, such as direct sunlight or heat. Portable air conditioners do not perform well in closed rooms with no windows or in un-insinuated rooms, barns, etc. The optimal environment to place a portable ac is in a well insulated room that provides a window or door where hot air can be exhausted.

Portable air conditioners come in different sizes and are rated in BTU’s (British Thermal Unit). Air Conditioners America states that it is very important not to compare portable air conditioners only on BTU capacity as there are no industry standards in place. Consequently, some manufactures may call their units a 12,000 BTU unit but have smaller compressors that often do not meet the 12,000 BTU performance requirement. Air Conditioners America’s buying guide provide room coverage comparison for each model based on price, BTU’s, power, cooling capacity, cost to cool per square feet, and the pluses and minuses of each model.

Along with their buying guides, Air Conditioners America state why portable air conditioners enable one to maximize their investment. They state portable air conditioners are an excellent investment due to their ability to be moved from room to room on their casters. Unlike portable air conditioners, window units block the view in your window and do not lend themselves to be moved from room to room.

Air Conditioners America recommends various models based on price point and cooling capacity. For rooms less than 350 sq ft (15x20), they recommend Amcor ALD 12000E, Sharp CV-P09FX, and Alen C360 respectively. They also rank numerous models based upon a five star system with a list of features and specs. For rooms over 400 sq ft (20x20), they suggest Alen C360, Sharp CVP12LX and Alen C475A respectively. They also provide a five star ranking system along with a list of features of other models with the same cooling capacity.

Air Conditioners America is a ‘total solution provider’ offering independent testing, buying guides, usage tips, and education on portable air conditioners. They provide an excellent option for those who need to beat the summer heat with a portable air conditioner. For further information, contact Air Conditioners America at 800-334-1494.

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