Fashionable Accessories More Than Just Window Dressing With Ecologically-Aware Jewelry Line From Rose Flash

July 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Montreal, QC (PRLEAP) July 21, 2006 – Attention shoppers…check your attitudes at the door. The future of fashion is here, and it isn’t just about buying into the next big thing. One part social, one part ethical, and uniquely innovative through-and-through, the new face of the marketplace has evolved, and it is undeniably in vogue.

Gone are the inflated egos, and the masses picking over mass-produced disposable deals. At Rose Flash, (, Valérie Parizeault’s handcrafted jewelry has evolved far beyond being a mere fashion statement.

Not only does she take from the scrap heap instead of adding to it. At a time when mega-corporations and monster-sized malls pump out endless seas of mass-produced, carbon copy accoutrements, she remodels these remnants into wearable artifacts that reflect the changing mindset of eco-savvy shoppers, and could easily rival any red carpet spangle.

In it for the long haul, Valérie’s jewelry line isn’t just about setting trends. She hopes to pass on her long-term vision of recognizing the problems with over consumption and hopes to encourage shoppers to support the use of sustainable goods.

“As a business owner, I think it is important to orientate my business purpose towards those values. The thought of representing the face of eco-friendly oriented jewelry designers is very encouraging in a global perspective.”

From the reuse of vintage elements in her pieces, to the custom redesigning & reconstruction of jewelry sent in by customers, this Canadian artisan practices what she preaches. Both her jewelry & her business philosophy itself are reflective of her spirit: bold, colorful and recognizing of what is both fashionable and ethical.

This same thread of all things ecologically sound runs throughout Valérie’s life, and in turn influences her artistic side. Whether it is found in her love of turning once-neglected antiques into newfound wonders, or in her dream to one day own a country house, so she can spend more time hiking, camping & gardening, these aspects of her private life intertwine effortlessly with her business life at Rose Flash, providing a shimmering thread of authenticity and passion that adds an extra flicker of savoir-faire to everything she creates.

This inventiveness has not gone unnoticed. LE VOIR, an arts & culture magazine in Valerie’s native Montreal, as well as popular online fashion blog, SheFinds, have both featured Rose Flash’s playfully elegant, vegan and eco-friendly jewelry, affirming the public’s interest in alternatives to shopping at big-box stores and their affinity for supporting independent artists and artisans.

Add to that the list of both online and brick & mortar shops currently stocking Valerie’s cute-as-a-button Kaléidoscope bracelets, and layered Free Spirit necklaces,
it is obvious that her avant-garde transformation of reclaimed and reused materials into wearable works of art is just as much about whimsy as it is about watchfulness.

Sure, it may be hip to stage a PETA-inspired protest over the use of fur in J. Lo’s latest runway show for Sweetface. And it’s easy to feel entitled while sipping your cup of Free Trade coffee as you maneuver your Prius to that parking spot sitting empty, curbside.

But to this visual arts alum from L’Université du Québec à Montréal, it isn’t about jumping on the celebrity ecological bandwagon. She is looking for a way to provide artisan-created goods that are equally fashion forward and eco-friendly. And she is doing so, one artfully crafted accessory at a time.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the endless pleas for aid from every environmentally-inspired interest group. Montreal-based accessories company Rose Flash introduces a solution that is accessible to even the most ecologically uninformed. Not only is it is as good for the pocketbook as it is the planet. The added bonus? On any given shopping day at Rose Flash, one can manage both of these feats – and look like the stylishly elite while doing so.

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About Rose Flash:
Rose Flash is a Montreal based handmade jewelry company that creates handcrated and custom jewelry pieces made from recycled & vintage materials. Owner Valérie Parizeault, a visual & graphic artist, earned her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from L’Université du Québec in Montréal.