Youth For Human Rights International Begins its 3rd Annual World Tour to Promote the Universal Declaration oOf Human Rights

July 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Youth for Human Rights International []launched its 3rd annual World Tour at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood CA, []as part of their campaign to make human rights a fact through implementing human rights education around the world.

The urgent need to make all nations honor and enforce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is demonstrated by the fact that today there are 100 million children living on the street and 115 million primary school-aged youth denied schooling. It is further emphasized by the estimated 1.5 million children trafficked into slavery over the past year.

Youth for Human Rights International believes that educating today’s youth on the Universal Declaration is the key to guaranteeing these rights. To bring each the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration to life for young people and adults alike, Youth for Human Rights and the Church of Scientology International [] have teamed up to produce 30 public service announcements.

The first 3 of these PSAs were released in 2005 and can be seen on the Youth for Human Rights web site or downloaded as podcasts.

The tour will consist of 30 events, each one releasing one of the 30 PSAs, in cities in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Istanbul, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

For more information on the Church of Scientology International’s human rights campaign, call the CSI Human Rights Department at (323) 960-3500. For information on Youth for Human Rights International, call (323) 663-5799 or email
July 1, Sat Los Angeles, USA — Send-off
Right #1: We are all born free and equal
July 2-3, Sun - Mon Washington D.C.
Right # 2: Don’t Discriminate
July 3-5, Mon - Wed Toronto, Canada — two events
Right # 3: The right to life
Right # 4: Slavery, past and present
July 6-7, Thu - Fri London, England — two events
Right # 5: No Torture
Right # 6: Same rights to the law
July 7-10, Fri - Mon Berlin, Germany — four events
Right # 7: Protected by the law
Right # 8: Fair treatment by fair courts
Right # 9: Unfair detainment
Right # 10: The right to trial
July 10-12, Mon-Wed Venice, Italy — two events
Right # 11: Innocent until proven guilty
Right # 12: The right to privacy
July 12-13, Wed - Thu Vienna, Austria — two events
Right # 13: Freedom to move
Right # 14: The right to asylum
July 13, Thu Prague, Czech Republic
Right # 15: The right to nationality
July 14-15, Fri - Sat Bratislava, Slovakia — two events
Right # 16: Marriage and family
Right # 17: Your own things
July 16-18, Sun - Mon Budapest, Hungary
Right # 18: Freedom of thought
July 19-20, Tue - Wed Kiev, Ukraine
Right # 19: Freedom of speech
July 20-23, Wed - Fri Istanbul, Turkey
Right # 20: Freedom of assembly
July 23-25, Sun - Tue Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Right # 21: The right to democracy
July 26-27, Wed - Thu Singapore City, Singapore
Right # 22: The right to social security
July 28-30, Fri - Sun Colombo, Sri Lanka
Right # 23: Workers’ rights
Jul 31-Aug 2, Mon - Wed Seoul, Korea
Right # 24, The right to play
Aug 2-4, Wed - Fri Manila, Philippines
Right # 25: A bed and some food
Aug 5-8, Sat - Tue Sydney, Australia — two events
Right # 26: The right to education
Right # 27: Culture and copyright
Aug 8-10, Tue - Thu Auckland, New Zealand — two events
Right # 28: A free and fair world
Right # 29: Our responsibilities
Aug 10-13, Thu - Sun Nadi, Fiji
Right #30: Nobody can take away these rights
Aug 13, Sun Los Angeles, USA