If She Builds It… Dates Will Come!

July 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Kim Rowley is building a new house to replace the current cramped residence that her and her four children have outgrown. Ms. Rowley launched www.HouseForKim.com last month - a website with original intentions of selling pixel property to help fund her new home's construction costs. Advertisers buy "square footage" starting at 5¢ per pixel in different rooms of the house-to-be.

Kim is also single and out in the dating scene again. She writes daily in a Blog on the site - http://www.houseforkim.com/blog - about her humorous adventures of not only building a new house, but finding a man to help share it. What she was not prepared for was the vast amount of inquiries from men wanting to apply for the position.

Do the aspirants find Kim intelligent? attractive? or do they just want a chance to live in the new "biggest house in town" in a small farming community in Northeast Nebraska? Kim has gotten so many inquiries that she has started to list "requirements" of what she is looking for in a man to deter some prospects. "Not married" is actually one of the qualifications, as she claims she has gotten requests from "Married but Looking" men.

Although HouseForKim.com has sold some 20,000 pixels so far (out of 1 million available), the majority of the site's visitors are there to read Kim's Blog or enter her new "Date Night Out Contest" where contestants can win a date WITH Kim or ON Kim. Kim clarifies that "on" means Kim will pay for the date which includes a Chili's gift card, movie tickets, flower bouquet & tshirts for the winner.

Time will only tell if Kim's enterprising website will actually pay off her new house or if she'll have to get a mortgage loan like most Americans. But maybe, just maybe, she'll find the love of her life.