Scholar Helena Lehman of Pillar of Enoch Ministry Offers Insights Into Symbols As Language

July 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Elmwood Park, IL: In the popular book and movie “The DaVinci Code,” people are introduced to a mysterious world where symbols have many hidden and profound meanings that stretch into the far reaches of the past. They are also shown that this symbolic language was used by Leonardo DaVinci in his painting of the Last Supper to hint that Jesus may have been married to His disciple Mary Magdalene. In the process, it is suggested that these symbols have esoteric, or even paganistic roots. However, according to Historian, Bible Scholar, and Author Helena Lehman, this symbolic language has a Judeo-Christian origin that can be traced from Adam’s son Seth down through the ages.

In her “Language of God” book series, Ms. Lehman shows that biblical symbols, ancient architecture, and medieval heraldic symbols are allegorically tied to the pictorial representations associated with the forty-eight Zodiacal constellations that were recognized in antiquity. She also shows that the Zodiac isn’t just a fanciful creation that people wove their religious myths around, or a method for foretelling the future. On the contrary, the symbols used in the Zodiac appear to have been shown to the Sethites by divine revelation, and as a witness to them that God preordained Jesus Christ’s coming long before mankind fell into sin.

In partial support of her theories, Ms. Lehman quotes from the first century Jewish historian Josephus, who suggests that the righteous patriarch Seth’s descendents invented Astronomy, and calendars based on celestial observations. According to Josephus, the Sethites also built two monuments in Egypt to preserve their wisdom through the Great Flood, which their prophets warned them was coming. Therefore, beyond the mythological attributes given to the 48 ancient constellations in Classical times, all these Zodiacal symbols have a story to tell Judeo-Christians as a legacy left to them by the Sethites. In fact, Ms. Lehman shows that the Sethites may have believed that the preincarnate Jesus invented this Zodiac story as a Gospel when He created the Universe for His Father. Helena calls the symbols surrounding this Gospel in the Stars “the Language of God,” and she has written a four-book series detailing the many ways this divine language of symbols was used in the Bible, but was also perverted by pagans until the truth it conveyed was nearly destroyed.

To help people understand her findings about the Language of God better, Ms. Lehman is offering a free mini seminar in conjunction with her participation in the International Christian Book Fair at the Kennedy Mall in Dubuque, Iowa from August 4th through 6th, 2006. Her seminar will be in the Community Room at the Mall from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, August 5th, or you can find her at booth # 311. In the meantime, to learn more about Helena Lehman and her books, visit her web site at, or e-mail Helena at