Christian musician says industry full of copycats

July 23, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
CLEVELAND, Tenn. (W.) — Sometimes, Phil Driscoll has to turn off Christian radio.
The Christian recording artist says what's happened to Christian music today is abominable.
Driscoll, a Grammy winner who once was a member of Blood, was asked by what he thought about Contemporary Christian Music (referred to as CCM).
"I don’t think you want me to tell you," he said, but continued. "Here’s the key issue for me and Christian music today. There’s a law: what you compromise to gain you lose. To me there are things that just don’t add up about where we are. Let's face it, we have become in the Christna music industry, great artists of clones. We’ve become great copycats. We can fake and feel the music and make our music feel just like that. We can take all the technology, we can use the same technology the world does, we can go into the same studios the world records in – and do – but what is it about Christian music that is different."
He's hard pressed to find a difference.
"See I maintain it is not just a difference of communication or a difference of concept or philosophy. It is a message that is different but it is also by law, I believe, should be a difference in anointing. There‘s a different spirit that should be on the music we say represents Jesus."
Driscoll says he's not hearing much of that difference these days.
"What happens is when I listen — to be honest with you a lot of times I have to turn it off …"
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