Managing Cashflow to Pave the Way for Business Success

July 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Starting up a business is an ambition that many people share but if you donít watch your bottom line the dream can quickly turn sour.

According to official statistics, only about half of all SMEs are still trading three years after being formed.

According to which helps businesses to manage their cashflow by reducing the incidence of late payment, the reason for this is clear.

ďOne of the main reasons that new businesses fail is that they have not been able to manage their cashflow effectively.

After all, you still have to pay your suppliers even if you have not yet received money from your customers. If there is a time lag between receiving and making payments it can put significant financial pressure on an organisationĒ.

The importance of managing cashflow was the driving force behind the launch of The company helps its members to secure prompt payment from its customers via a number of different methods and initiatives.

The aim was to create a way to secure prompt payment without harming the relationships that the members have with their customers.

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