Ed Sykes Interviews Organizing Expert Brian Hill to Learn Secrets for More Success

July 23, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Ed Sykes, co-founder of The Sykes Group, recently interviewed organization expert Brian Hill at Brian’s office on the secrets of organizing yourself for more success in life, business, and career.

Brian Hill recently shared these organizing secrets with Martha Stewart on her Martha Stewart Better Living program. He works with professionals, business owners, actors and media personalities, and individuals to develop systems to better organize themselves and achieve more in less time in all aspects of their lives. For over twenty years, he has been a meteorologist, weather person, and newsperson for various NBC and ABC television affiliates. He also produces a weather program which is syndicated across the United States and Canada.

During the interview, Ed mentioned that he speaks with people from a variety of professions who express that they can’t find time to accomplish their goals or start a new venture. These same people are missing opportunities because they are overwhelmed with unmanageable activities. Ed also mentioned that one of the main differences between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people know how to accomplish far more in less time than unsuccessful people. They have organizing skills and systems in place that take them to the next level of success.

“I realized that many media personalities were very disorganized and were not prepared to take advantage of the many opportunities in a fast paced environment,” Brian said when Ed asked him about why he became an organizing expert. “I started developing organizing systems for them so that they wouldn’t miss assignments and would become more professional.” Ed asked Brian if this system was usable by people in different situations. Brian said, “The system is innovative, yet can be customized to fit anyone’s special needs to accomplish more in life. This organizing system can be immediately implemented for instant results. The important step is to take action today to organize yourself for success.” The audio version of the entire thirty-minute interview can be heard at our website, http://www.thesykesgrp.com.

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