Three-Step Detoxification Therapy Program Focuses on Increasing Energy and Well Being

July 23, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Las Vegas, NV – Achieving balance in the body is about creating the right combination of negative and positive ions.

A new three-step detoxification therapy program, Body Balance Systems (BBS), helps to restore that fine-tuned balance, lessen pain and increase energy.

David Black, founder of BBS, has created a three-step detoxification therapy program that focuses on the feet to recharge the body, increase well being, and restore overall health, and balance. The program is finished off with an herbal tea than enhances the whole spa-like experience.

“When water molecules crash to the earth, they release negative ions,” Black explained. “Then our positive-filled ion bodies absorb them, the negative and positive ions mix and form energy. This gives our body the power to fight disease, improve organ function and eliminate waste regularly. The problem is that this ionization process simply does not happen as much as it should and pollution has taken its toll on our negative ion sources.”

The first step in the three-step process is a 10- to 30-minute foot massage from the Miracle Electro-Wave Foot Massager to help release toxins from the organs into the lymphatic system. The second step is a 20- to 45-minute session with the BBS ionic-foot bath of warm mineral sea salt water to remove toxins from the lymphatic system. The third step is an additional 10 to15 minutes with the massager to energize and heal the body after the detoxification.

“For most people a treatment of 14 sessions, two to three times a week, will give the best results,” Black said. “Benefits may include increased energy, improved mental clarity and function, digestion and waste elimination, an enhanced immune system, improved blood circulation, healthy skin, and an improved libido.” People with extended illness may need to take longer. It will be exciting to be healing when for many it has been hard to find something to help.

After the treatment, Black suggests drinking mineral water and herbal tea to achieve the maximum benefit of the cleansing.

“The tea will replenish the body and enhance the detoxification process,” Black explained.

The tea that Black recommends is supplemented with raw apple cider vinegar, raw honey and stevia, (a natural sweetener), ginger powder and liquid alkaline minerals.

“Detoxing is best done slowly through drinking plenty of water, and the herbal-tea blend,” Black said.

A natural health consultant said: “BBS is a wonderful way to restore the body’s pH balance. I tried it first for myself for one month and I experienced better energy and sounder sleep right away. I found that the natural process of life of ‘building and cleansing’ or assimilation/elimination is greatly enhanced.”

DB Research, LC (DBR), the company behind the product, has partnered with Body Balance System of Orlando to assist in restoring energy and facilitating detoxification through the skin, which is the second-largest detoxifying system in the body. Doing through the feet is effective since the pores in the feet are larger than the many other pores in the body.

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