Photographer Mark Andrew Elevates Photography to the Level of Museum Quality Fine Art

July 23, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Saratoga Springs, NY — Mark Andrew creates museum quality fine art photography that evokes an "oh wow" expression from viewers of his work.

Andrew is able to create emotion-packed images and combine them with innovate frames that successfully integrate with the subject and artistic feel of each image. The result elevates his photographs beyond portraiture to that of fine art.

His past experience as an innovative businessman, coupled with his instinctive artistic abilities bring a freshness and unique quality to artistic photography not found in the work of other photographers. Andrew instinctively knows how to work with his subjects, background, light, computer software, and creative frame design to create a beautiful work of art.

Andrew explained that he works with each subject to develop a rapport that leads to an emotional expression evident in each of his works, and it is that emotional aspect of each photograph that causes viewers to be drawn to his work.

"I work with my subjects on a personal level that enables us to develop a rapport and helps to bring out their personality and individuality. I can feel when it is just right because I can feel an emotional connection," he explained.

Viewers feel it too, and that is what sets his work apart from photographic documentaries and photo journalism.

His projects include exhibits for the National Museum of Dance. The first is the "Dance of the Iroquois" exhibit, depicting Iroquois Native Americans engaged in traditional dance.

"It is an interactive exhibit featuring the social dances of the six nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. Mark Andrew has helped us to capture the emotions and images of this timeless Iroquois tradition. Our museum visitors have reacted enthusiastically to his wonderfully creative images in our exhibit," remarked Beth Hartle, museum director.

The project began a creative process that Andrew is continuing to explore as he combines dance, music, and photography into beautiful, and emotional artistic photographs.

"The collaborative process of working with Beth Hartle and the dancers was a wonderfully creative process that has not ended. We are continuing this process with other forms of dance to develop a variety of exhibits," explained Andrew.

"We are excited about future projects featuring the work of Mark Andrew," said Hartle.

His work does not have one homogeneous style of photography. The many diverse styles of art used in his images bring a fresh look and feel to each.

"I guess it comes down to the emotional connection I make with each of my subjects. Each of them are different, and that results in a unique style that is distinct from my other work," said Andrew.

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Fine art photographer Mark Andrew creates photography that is filled with energy, emotion, and creative expression. His recent work includes exhibits for the National Museum of Dance. He maintains a web site at

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