Tusker Stampedes Legal Cost Savings through Outsourced Legal Review

July 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Tusker Group Launches Revolution in Legal Review

Tusker Stampedes Legal Cost Savings through Outsourced Legal Review

Austin, TX, – July 26, 2006 – Tusker Group, LP, a global service organization providing business and knowledge process outsourcing to law firms and corporate legal departments - electronic discovery, data extraction, first stage discovery and objective and subjective coding - today announced the availability of first level document review services via an outsourced model.

Tusker Group now offers first level document review to law firms and corporate counsel world-wide, utilizing a hybrid method that leverages its international operations with proprietary processes and technology. With proven methodologies, Tusker Group’s solution can offer savings up to 70% on typical first level document review projects, as compared to review done by domestic in-house or contract attorneys. By maintaining an internationally distributed work force of 300+ legal and technical professionals, Tusker Group offers cohesive teams, secure storage and communications, and rapid “first level” document review.

In a recent KPMG study of legal cases, it was concluded that a major portion of litigation costs are associated with first level document review. First level review was found to constitute from 58 to 90% of total pre-trial costs. Over the past ten years, technology has advanced to the point where converting, scanning and indexing documents is extremely efficient and cost-effective. In contrast, labor costs for domestic attorneys to review documents continue to spiral upward, due to the increasing amount of electronic data and evidence being generated. Tusker Group, with its dedicated teams of legal professionals, can provide significant cost savings, increased quality and faster response times to meet critical deadlines and budgets.

“Tusker Group is leading the legal services industry to the next plateau. By continuing to add value, technology and processes, as well as maintaining highly educated and trained teams, we are driving legal discovery and review costs down while increasing the level of quality and efficiency,” said Michael Dolan, CEO of Tusker Group, LP. “Our ability to utilize trained resources world-wide translates into potential savings in the millions of dollars in large cases.”


About Tusker Group, L.P.
Tusker Group is a consulting and service organization specializing in providing business and knowledge process outsourcing to both law firms and corporate legal departments. Tusker Group’s primary focus is on creating efficient and cost-effective document review solutions by marrying e-discovery and paper coding solutions with their pioneering offshore first level document review and analysis services. Utilizing software and proprietary processes, Tusker Group offers clients a complete and extremely cost-effective discovery/document review solution.

Tusker Group has years of experience providing litigation support services to clients in North America and Europe. They have more than 300 full-time, experienced associates and supervisors, currently processing hundreds of thousands of documents weekly, with sales and support in offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Washington, D.C.

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