Bonsai Tree, Bonsai Information, and more for the World Bonsai Devotees

July 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Bonsai Star ( has launced a bonsai site for the world bonsai tree devotees. In this site you will get information about bonsai tree, plant, for sale, pot, care, picture, and Indonesian bonsai. We provide solutions for you in the area of collections, tools, and eBooks (Techniques, Tips, and Tricks). You will also get periodic newsletters contain precious information and solutions from our bonsai master, Suhendra (Former Chief of Bandung Bonsai Society). You could enjoy our collections that reflect the true art of Indonesia bonsai in the galleries and then give us your opinions. We select only natural resources from potential areas in Indonesia, to be shaped and nurtured by bonsai masters.

Several bonsai species that you would find in our galleries are : Rhododendron, Ficus Compacta, Jumper Rigida, Carmona Mycrophylla, Podocarpus, Wrightia Religrosa, Phyllantus Niruri, Pyracanta Grenulata, Hibicus Tiliaceus, Carmona Mycrophylla, Ficus Benjamina, Juniperus Cinensis, Phemna Microphylla, Juniperus Rigida, Ficus Microcarpa, Ficus Compacta, Serisa Fotida, Malphigia, Pyracanta Grenulata, Triphasia Trifolia, Maiphigia Coccigera, Ficus Longisland, Triphasia Trifolia, Erica, Black Pine, Phempis Acdula, Ficus Compekia and many more. Enjoy the true art of bonsai !

You could also download our free eBooks and receive tips and tricks from Indonesia's Bonsai Master ! In Bonsai Parahyangan Gallery eBook you will discover some of our finest bonsai which gave significant contributions in Bandung festival, which was the biggest festival in town. Beside eBooks you will get precious articles, as featured on EzineArticles contain bonsai information and solutions, which will be delivered directly to you to increase bonsai knowledge and expertise.