International Volunteering – A Game Plan for Career Development

July 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Fresh from college graduation, many students find themselves with the dilemma of having a degree, but no work experience. Unfortunately, that is exactly what employers want. So what is one to do? A great way to boost one’s resume with a unique opportunity is to volunteer abroad.

In today’s global economy where the role of international relations is increasingly decisive, experience working abroad can be the most important and impressive element of one’s resume. Employers are eager to find candidates with international experience because it shows responsibility, open-mindedness, and adaptability. “I gained so much more as a person both professionally and personally and loved the experience,” says former international volunteer Theresa Higgs, who spent 19 months working with youth in Niue, South Pacific. International volunteering not only provided Theresa with a better understanding about what she wanted to do with her career, but also shaped the choices she made when she entered the workforce. The experiences and lessons she learned abroad became valuable tools that she could offer to her employers. As she explains, “International experience gives you the edge over your competition. It shows your future employer that you are flexible, creative, and able to adjust to any given situation. No matter what field of occupation you plan to go into, what you learn through international volunteering is what every employer looks for. It also gives you the opportunity to build your own global network which can serve as a resource for future personal and professional endeavors.”

United Planet, a humanitarian non-profit organization based in Boston, offers great volunteering opportunities, called Quests, all over the world. The great part about Quests is the openness of the programs. Through United Planet, one can participate for as short as one week to as long as one year. Many students take the opportunity to go on a Quest during their winter or summer vacations, and some even take the entire year after graduating from high school or university to gain more perspective on the world.

Quests are the perfect opportunity for those who are figuring out what to do with their lives. It is the best time to do it because students are young, independent, and free to travel the world. It is for those who are adventurous and global, have a strong and positive outlook on life, love learning about other cultures, and who are compassionate. The experience will leave them knowing that they are in charge of shaping their own destiny. Whatever phase of life one is in, everyone should consider enhancing their leadership skills by connecting with like-minded people and making a change in someone’s life.

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United Planet is an international humanitarian and educational non-profit public charity with 501(c)3 status, based in Boston, USA. With members and volunteers in 150 countries, the organization is devoted to fostering cross-cultural understanding and friendship; supporting communities in dire need worldwide; and enhancing social and economic prosperity among cultures in order to unite the world in a community beyond borders. Visit us at