New World Series of Blackjack site just launched!

July 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The World Series of Blackjack is an exciting televised Blackjack Tournament that is in it's third year. Each year has seen an increase in contestants and prizes. has been designed to provide you with the most comprehensive coverage of the World Series of Blackjack (WSOB) available in one easy to use website.

Whether you are new to the WSOB or if you've been following it for years this site has everything you could want. We have endeavored to make sure that no card remains unturned. We have included player bios, tournament standing, rules, tips and strategies and even information about the hosts of the show.

When asked what the motivation was behind this site the team agreed that when they were trying to find out about the WSOB they had to visit a handful of sites, message boards and ask a lot of people a lot of questions. "Such a great game deserves a great site, and one simply didn't exist. So we created it." One member of the team had this to say "It took me 5 days to figure out how one rule was going to be implemented in the tournament!"

With this in mind the team set out to create a site that, regardless of their level of familiarity with the game of Blackjack, would find informative and compelling. In my opinion the team has succeeded in their goal and then some.

If your interested in Blackjack, The World Series of Blackjack then this is a website that you need to visit.