July 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(VANCOUVER, B.C.) Ė Starting on July 26th 2006, Canadaís Beyond the Tour will start telling businesses to take a hike. Taking a hike is a fantastic way to build relationships, strengthen teams, open communication barriers, create a sense of accomplishment, and has numerous mental and physical benefits!

Vancouverís proximity to a spectacular mountainous environment is unique. Vancouver based Beyond the Tour knows the value of spending time in our natural surroundings and is starting to work with local and international businesses to take advantage of it. ďHiking is a unique, enjoyable, and beneficial activity for the business community. Itís amazing what comes up when you are in an environment free of business distractions. Itís also a great way to keep your mind and body healthy,Ē says Beyond the Tourís Founder and Chief Trail Blazer, Glen Sollors. Glen continues, ďThe great thing about doing a hike as an alterative to other business leisure activities is that almost everyone can do it. It can be designed with a challenging goal in mind or simply as a walking tour. The sense of accomplishment and gratitude you feel once you reach the summit and complete the hike is something not easily forgotten.Ē

Time away from the office environment increases productivity and delivers a sense of rejuvenation. Employee retention, open and effective team communication, and work/life balance are issues every company faces. Spending time in out natural environment is an effective way to build relationships, create open and authentic communication, and definitely strengthens physical and mental health. Teams grow stronger as they face challenges and reach goals. Beyond the Tour helps teams achieve this in nature.

On a hike people communicate more openly, learn something new about themselves and one another, and feel more physical and mental rejuvenated. Itís unorthodox Ė thatís what makes it exciting! Vancouver has hundreds of trails in its back yard and hiking them is something local business should leverage. Itís a unique way to differentiate and helps build stronger relationships. Clients wonít easily forget the experience.

Beyond the Tour was established in 2006 as a leader in hiking excursions targeted at the local and international business community. Beyond the Tour is committed to strengthening environmental awareness and connecting people with nature to improve business and personal success. Please visit for more details.


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