Thousands to try Hypnotherapy for free

July 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are topics that would spark a thousand responses from a thousand different people. We know that science says that it works, but somehow it looks just too good to be true. Well now the debate is going to get just a little more intense, in fact it is going to ‘double’.

Two of the worlds leading Hypnotherapists last year caused a revolution in the field of personal development with the launch of a series of hypnosis downloads, however these weren’t just any old downloads. Richard MacKenzie and Terry Doherty launched the aptly named ‘Double Powered Hypnosis Downloads’ which includes hypnotic inductions with the two hypnotists speaking simultaneously thus allowing a greater effect.

The pair have not stopped since last year due to the success of their site at and their hypnosis downloads have now helped people the world over.

To keep the ball rolling on, they have now come up with a membership section on their site at that offers a free trial membership to every new member. George Costigan, who has just become a member said, “It is amazing! It is incredible that was able to produce twice as powerful resources to help me out”. George from Herndon, Virginia, USA continued by saying, “I look forward to seeing the site grow & develop in the future.”

Both Richard and Terry will be sure that the site grows with relevant and up to date information, tips and tools for personal development all the time as their goals is to help millions worldwide.

Each new member that signs up not only gets a free account for a month but also thousands of dollars of free bonuses which they can keep even if they don’t remain a member!