Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Solutions by Probam

July 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Probam Suite BAM in its simplest definition refers to monitoring of business activities inside an organization involving customers and trading partners. Probam Suite applies operational business intelligence and application integration technology to automated processes. This keeps on refining them continuously ,and is based on the feedback received directly from knowledge of operational events. It also collects information and data from multiple sources, analyzes and then presents them within a fixed time frame or in real time.
Probam Suite is capable of sending event-driven alerts, which triggers process adjustments. These alerts could be used by knowledge workers to take corrective action against any changes within the processes.

Probam Suite enables aggregation, analysis and presentation of relevant and timely information relative to all business activities within the organization; which involves customers and trading partners. Probam Suite provides extremely accurate information about the status and results of various operations, processes, and transactions. This helps to take better decisions, address problem areas quickly, efficiently and reposition the organization to take full advantage of new opportunities.

Features and Advantages

Probam Suite enables monitoring of real time process-execution, implementation, activity execution, trading partner collaboration and knowledge worker.

Probam Suite provides process, activity and execution visualization, and helps in identifying process constraints, performance and bottlenecks.

Probam Suite gives an "alert" framework to manage and analyze events generated from various sources such as databases, BPM, etc.

Probam Suite provides a framework for event aggregation, based on the information carried by the event, thus giving a clear and actual picture about the activities.

Probam Suite Dashboard present information in real-time through an easy to read graphical display that permits users to get the information they need, at a glance.