Pagans of the World Unite for Freedom of Speech

July 30, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Virtual World –July 30, 2006 –WiccaSources Blog incites all Pagans from around the world to unite for freedom of speech. The virtual gathering place counts with the presence of mainstream Pagan writers in direct interview in support for the Pagan Community.

For years suffering the stigmata of a dark and occult religion, Paganism has now a new voice speaking in behalf of religious freedom. Being a gathering place for freethinking individuals the WiccaSources Blog incites all Pagans to unite in this virtual gathering place.
Uniting mainstream authors in direct interview and Pagan artists from all trades, the weblog re-connects Pagans with their kindred spirits in the search for mutual support.

Trying to shed some light in this growingly popular religious belief, the blog will feature author interviews, book reviews, notices and proclamations of interest to the Pagan community as well as provide a fertile ground to open discussion.

WiccaSources Blog welcomes individuals from every religious background to join and participate the debate; being a proclamation of freedom, this virtual meeting point also aspires to be a source for clarification.

As a peaceful and giving community, the earth based religion followers pretend to instruct the world about their beliefs and proclaim their long-lost right to be considered equals to other religious practitioners.

For more information about this project or interviews with project mentors visit or contact Vera Oak to the following email

The WiccaSources Blog is a sister project to The Pagan Review. Its founders and editors work in the publishing medium and have a personal interest in Pagan oriented publications. Their work for the past five years has been to support Pagan artists and give their work more visibility.