Stay at home mom finds a way to work from home and receive health care benefits too.

July 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Recently divorced stay at home mom of three, twin 8 year olds and a 5 year old, decided to utilize AmeriplanUSA when she no longer had healthcare. Wanting to have some medical and dental in place AmeriPlan USA was a great alternative to expensive health insurance.
What Mary Babic found was that AmeriPlan USA has over 400,000 providers and that they just added three new PPO.ís as of February 15 Mary Babic discovered a cost savings per month by eliminating the middle man and not paying premiums. Now Mary Babic works as a broker with AmeriPlan explaining the healthcare benefits of this plan to others and recruiting people who wish to have their own stay at home business.
Studies show that consumer driven healthcare is now becoming a powerful force in the healthcare industry. Because Physicians are made to wait for claims to be processed in order for them to receive their compensation. There is a higher cost to employ individuals to process these claims and to go though the necessary channels to receive payment. Instead, with consumer driven healthcare Physicians receives their money up front without co-pays or processing claims. The discounted rate then can be handed down to the patient.

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AmeriplanUSA is a 14 year old company that is 100 million dollars debt free, it is in the highest ranking with the BBB as well. AmeriplanUSA has over 60,000 home workers. AmeriplanUSA was just featured in the Your Business At Home magazine which is a third party interview.

MEDIA CONTACT: Mary Babic,, 1-866-462-9373