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July 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Tempe, Ariz. (PRLeap) July 28, 2006– Sitewire (, a leading direct marketing agency and search engine marketing firm in Arizona, knows that when considering organic search engine optimization in reference to garnering strong search engine rankings, relevant search terms and the importance of link popularity are often thought about. Yet Sitewire, a leading search engine marketing firm in Arizona advises that this must be taken one step further to examining ROI.

Ultimately, high search engine rankings mean nothing if they are not driving traffic to the Web site - traffic that will turn from consumer to customer - traffic that will effectively convert. That is the value of organic search engine marketing that many often fail to discuss. The discussion is always centered on number and quality of rankings.

Here’s a bit of insight. When direct marketing agency Sitewire reviews a Web site for optimization and performs research to find the keyword phrases that will be used for said optimization, it looks for highly relevant, very popular phrases. Sitewire looks to relevance for several reasons. First and foremost - organic rankings are based heavily on relevance. Each search engine competes for its audience based on its ability to provide the most relevant search results to an organic search query. Therefore, it is important to be targeted in the keywords chosen for optimization.

Secondly, those relevant phrases will also often help you reach your target market. Direct marketing agency Sitewire knows you have to jump into the mind of the consumer and think: if I were searching for my type of product online, what words would I use to find it? In most cases, a lot of the phrases for which you wish to rank are those less relevant to your product and will most likely fail to deliver the target consumer needed to sell your product.

Third, direct marketing agency Sitewire feels that if you use highly relevant search terms that target the market you are seeking to purchase your product, you will likely drive relevant traffic to your Web site that will lead to conversions. However, you must have phrases that are used as search terms - they must be popular. Regardless of relevance and rank, targeted keyword phrases without popularity means you are ranking for a phrase no one is looking for.

And finally, search engine marketing firm Sitewire presents the question: how do you track or prove ROI for organic search listings? Because free organic rankings do not come with the ability to track conversions, click through, etc. (like pay-per-click services allow), having your Web site linked into a quality Web analytics tool will allow you to track the organic search process. Tools such as Web Trends provide the information necessary to see what your ROI is from organic efforts.

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