Ty Ty Nursery Offers Fig Trees for Growing and Landscaping

July 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The Ty Ty tree nursery now grows cold resistant and hardy http://www.tytyga.com/figs/index.htm]fig trees[/url] at our Georgia tree and plant nursery. Our Fig Trees bear delicious fruit and can now be ordered at the www.tytyga.com online nursery website. All fig trees are immediately shipped to your location during the season, and are guaranteed to grow.

About Fig Trees:

Fig trees are desirable ornamental trees and are useful for landscaping. The trees are cold hardy and are frequently grown outside as far North as New York, if they are properly wrapped and mulched.

Fig trees grow 2 crops — one in spring and the best crop in fall that produces sweeter figs often so full of sugar they produce drops of “honey” on the outside of the fruit. Most people think of figs are best eaten when dried, but they’re juicy and delicious when fresh with figs weighting up to 1 pound.

Fig Tree Growing Tips:

• Fig trees survive best when planted in new soil and watered frequently.
• After planting fig trees bear fruit the first year.
• Most fig trees produce several crops each year.
• New hybrid Fig trees can produce fruit when only one foot tall if you plant the proper cultivar.
• Figs will tell you when they are ready to be harvested by a rapid swelling in size. Then they will begin to droop and sag.

Fig Tree Pricing:

Our olive trees are sold and shipped in containers by size…

Small - $16.95
4-5 ft. $59.95
6-7 ft. $149.95
7-9 ft. Call 1-800-972-2101 for Price
Click here to order your http://www.tytyga.com/figs/index.htm]Fig Trees[/url]

About the Ty Ty Tree & Plant Nursery

Ty Ty Nursery is the largest nursery on the Web. The company is dedicated to providing great prices, excellent service, fast shipping, and beautiful healthy plants that are guaranteed to grow. www.TyTyGa.com