The Secret to Monetizing The Web Is To Find A Niche Claims Search Marketing Expert

July 30, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
When it comes to making money on the web you can not beat a good niche directory claims Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston TX. based Internet consulting firm.

Scott who created the worlds largest training search engine says the secret is in the quality of traffic that a good niche site attracts. Advertisers will pay more to tap into visitors to niche market directories because the conversion rates are so much higher.

According to Scott is a perfect example of a niche market directory that will attract the highest contributions from advertisers. is a news and discussion forum offering a voice to the 35 and above age group. Likely advertisers who are interested in reaching the audience are insurance real estate and healthcare companies.

Some other examples of what Scott says would be quality niche directories with near guaranteed success are and several Hybrid and VOD video on demand relaed guides and information site domain names.

In summary niche directories that attract a large and easliy identifiable group translate to profits from advertisers that wish to reach the target market that your nice website attracts.

Scott encourages would be search marketing entrepreneurs to identify and capitalize on their own niche by choosing one or more carefully selected niche directory domain names listed on or to call the Allied Internet Solutions Inc. coprprate offices at 800 349-1935

About Us: Scott Alliy is President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston based Internet consulting firm specializing in the internet business consulting and website design and development as well as domain name brokering.

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