KanXiQi.com Offers Free Private Tour Guide Service Upon 2008 Beijing Olympics

August 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
(Beijing, China) KanXiQi.com announced today, in case China wins 46 or more gold metals by 2008 Beijing Olympics, it will make full refund in respect of private tour guide service charge, to clients who use KanXiQi.com's service between August 8,2006 and August 24,2008 when the Beijing Olympics closes. Further more, it will double the base salary of private tour guides who deliver service during the same period.

At recent Olympics, China's amount of gold metals has been keeping increase. At 2000 Sydney Olympics, China was on the top 3 list for the first time. At 2004 Athens Olympics, China won No.2 position with 32 gold metals. At the coming 2008 Olympics hosted by its capital city, China is wildly believed to move upward to No.1 position with gold metals of over 42.

KanXiQi.com chose today, a monumental time as 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony will take place exactly two years later, to start this historical promotional campaign. "This two-year promotional campaign," Ted Liu, KanXiQi.com's co-founder and general manager remarked, "is evidence of our support to 2008 Beijing Olympics. "It also demonstrates that we welcome worldwide visitors to gain insight into China through our private tour guide service. Meanwhile, it encourages all qualified, interested Chinese citizens to join our freelance private tour guide team, to help millions of worldwide visitors experience the real China in the coming two years."

To ensure the success of this campaign, KanXiQi.com is in talk with China's major insurance companies, in the hope that the insurance arrangement be reached as early as possible. Interested oversea insurance service providers are encouraged to contact us, too.

For further information, please visit http://www.kanxiqi.com/ or contact David Wu by kanxiqi@gmail.com or (0086-10)8548-9942

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