Christian Sex Website Launched. Author Says, “Christians Should Do It Better.”

October 10, 2006   Technology News
(PRLEAP.COM) Pittsburgh, PA, October 10, 2006 – Robert Irwin, author of “Sexual Skills For The Christian Husband,” believes that Christian married couples should be experiencing more frequent, more passionate and more uninhibited sex. And, today, he announced the launch of , a web site exclusively dedicated to helping married Christian couples to improve their sex lives and marriages.

Irwin, a sexual researcher and author, says that many Christian marriages are struggling because of poor sex. He states, “A lack of understanding of sex and sexuality is having a tremendously negative impact on Christian marriages. Christians desperately need resources for making their married sex lives as exciting, passionate and uninhibited as God intended them to be.”

He states, “Great sex is one of the key factors in creating a happy, strong and long-lasting marriage…It is a shame that so many Christian marriages are suffering from poor sex. This site will help countless couples to strengthen their marriages through better sex.”

“Until the very recent past,” he says, “Christians were discouraged from maximizing their sexual pleasure and exploring their sexuality…They were told that ‘good Christians don’t do ‘THAT’.” He disagrees. He says, “God created sex primarily for our pleasure and secondarily to strengthen our marriage relationship…Sex within a Christian marriage should be sensual, intimate and uninhibited.” unapologetically addresses many formerly “taboo” topics. Irwin says that this is information that Christian married people are curious and sometimes confused about. He says, “Christians want to please God and follow Scriptural guidelines regarding their sexuality, but we live in a ‘sex- soaked’ culture. It can be difficult for Christians to know ‘where to draw the line,’ sexually…They want to know how the Bible addresses certain sexual activities.”

To the critics of his site’s pro-sex approach, he quotes famous Christian author and apologist, C. S. Lewis, “Christianity has glorified marriage more than any other religion: and nearly all the great love poetry in the world has been produced by Christians. If anyone says that sex, in itself, is bad, Christianity contradicts him at once.”

Irwin began his research into Christian sexuality after struggling, sexually, early in his marriage. He has written several sex guides, specifically for Christian married couples, and he says that this site was created to provide married Christian couples with a comprehensive source of sexual and marital resources.

Visitors to the site will find Christian sex advice, marriage resources and a free, weekly, newsletter, “Christian Marriage Secrets.”

His site provides Christian married couples with the sexual information that they need to overcome sexual problems and to make their sex lives an exciting and positive part of their marriages.

“Fortunately,” he says, “most sexual problems are relatively easily overcome with a little bit of knowledge. Many people, especially Christians, tend to over complicate and over emotionalize their sex problems. As one Christian sex researcher has said, ‘Sex is 80 percent imagination and 20 percent friction.’ It really isn’t rocket science.”

Irwin says that there is a large interest in sexual information, specifically for Christian married couples, and that the site already receives over 100,000 visitors per month.

“We are overwhelmed and grateful for the opportunity to provide this service to the Christian community,” Irwin says.
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