Red91 Calls For Digital-Only Singles To Qualify For The Sales Chart

October 13, 2006   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) LONDON October 13, 2006 – Red91 is calling all those involved in deciding the new rules for entry to the singles chart to consider scrapping the need for a physical version. Downloads now count for 80% of single sales with the remainder made up CDs or vinyl versions.

According to Red91 CEO Silas Casual, the need for a physical release is one more way of making life difficult for the small players. “We don’t have a problem with artists insisting on a physical release and some have become collector’s items, but to insist on a physical release to qualify for a chart placing is keeping small operations like Red91 out of the chart”.

Red91 became digital-only in 2005 and has enjoyed substantial cost savings because of the move. “We don’t have anything like the budgets of the bigger record companies and being able to do away with all the physical stuff means we have more to invest in our two artists”, states Casual.

Red91 has been conducting a survey of online music fans, the results of which will be published before the end of the year. However, preliminary results have backed Red91’s calls for a change in chart rules with most respondents only interested in digital versions.

Red91 considers proposals by the Entertainment Retail Association to have all download sales count towards the sales chart, so long as a physical release eventually follows, as a pointless move. We believe it just overcomplicates what should be a simple process. Although Top of the Pops has now gone, the UK chart still holds major prestige around the world and to have a chart entry could do wonders for a company like Red91. We hope that calling for this change now will spark debate amongst all those involved in making the rules. The charts must move with the times to stay credible.

About Red91

The Red91 Recording Company was officially launched in July 2003 and is a not-for-profit record company that is heavily influenced by the artists it acts for. In addition to securing a recording/publishing deal, Red91 will also attempt to gain as much exposure and placements for the artists it represents.

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